FRIDAY 27TH AUGUST 2021 - 11.00 AM

Director: Stephen King Simmons. 
With: Bill Gillane, Danny James, Rachell Sean. 
USA 2019. 72 mins

INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE -  Based on his own experiences with night terrors and sleepwalking, director Stephen King Simmons’ stunning black-and-white feature debut is an existential nightmare owing clear debts to David Lynch and Darren Aronofsky. A woman suffering from night terrors and plagued by a troubled past schedules a series of appointments with a psychologist. But will she find the answers she’s looking for because the demons that haunt her could be evil or something that doesn’t exist? Not a monster or a ghost, but an all-black shadow watching from a distance, its footsteps pacing outside her house trying to break into a window…