FRIDAY 27TH AUGUST 2021 - 1.10 PM

Directors: Alix Austin, Adam R. Brown, Larry Fessenden, Dennie Gordon, Andrew Kasch, Kyle I. Kelley, Alexandra Neary, Christian Pasquariello, Zach Passero, Bobby Roe, ​​Keir Siewert. 
With: Larry Fessenden, Marieh Delfino, Dennie Gordon, Damien Gerard, Sunny Roe. 
USA 2021. 104 mins.

WORLD PREMIERE -  A horror anthology shot entirely in lockdown. Nine directors made nine standalone but interconnected stories using only the resources and social distancing available during the Covid-19 outbreak. From all corners of the world, people confront their biggest fears in attempts to survive an increasingly contagious and deadly pandemic, a premise that will hit close to home for everyone after the last unprecedented year. From ‘It’s Inside”, ‘Meat Hands’, ‘Fever’, ‘The Dread’ and ‘5G’ to ‘Homebodies’, ‘Comfort Zone’, ‘Gust’ and ‘Pacific Northwest’, nine tales of terror that follow isolated citizens from around the globe as they confront their darkest fears.